We offer reliable data entry service for a la mode WinTotal, TOTAL, ACI, and ClickFORMS appraisal softwares

1. Appraiser inspects the property and sends us the data

2. We will input the provided data into the respective above-mentioned software

3. Upon our approval, appraiser evaluates the appraisal and after satisfaction will process the payment

1. Using our webpage, appraiser SignUp as a new customer.

2. Appraiser logs into his personal account and creates a new order.

3. The order requires uploading of all the requisite data such as respective software file, inspection sheet, 1004 MC sheet, MLS and county sheets for all comparisons, and subject property.

4. After receiving the order, we input the data into respective software according to the instructions and send back to the appraiser.

5. Appraisers evaluate the files and approve it before making any payments through PayPal according to the invoice.

Note: Valuation part has to be filled by the appraiser.